MIEA Insure is an insurance scheme specifically created and designed to cover the exposure to risks faced by Real Estate Agents and Negotiators (REA/REN).

MIEA Insure portal makes the following products available :


Professional Indemnity Insurance for Real Estate Agent(REA)/Firm and Real Estate Negotiator (REN)
This Professional Indemnity is to cover any form of exposure to risk from professional service they provide to clients on a daily basis and it also cover costs and expenses incurred in the defence and/or settlement of claim brought against them, with the written consent of the insurer.


Motor Insurance
Provides instant comparison between all key insurance companies and takaful operators in Malaysia.


Agent Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance provides the REA/REN with comprehensive group coverage to take care of hospital and surgical expenses and to protect them of the need from high medical care costs


Landlord Insurance
It is a type of policy that covers property owners from financial losses suffered within their rental properties due to runaway tenant.

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